All our ranch activities and programs are dedicated on promoting spiritual renewal and inner peace. We are blessed to have the privilege to live and host our guests in a beautiful authentic environment of the unique nature of Velebit valley that will truly inspire you and fulfill every moment of your stay at our ranch.

Together with horse riding activities, we have a lot of other adventurous and recreational activities planned for your vacation at our ranch resort. The revitalizing energy of the nature and the unique beauty of nature resources that surround us on every step, has a healing power for everyone that opens to it. Near our ranch there is a hidden magical expanse of forests, meadows and unexplored trails each of which tells its own story. Wouldn’t it be great to experience it?

the walk through Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest and mystery of the Cathedral Cave

Cathedral Cave is one of the magical destination offered in our day trips program, ideal for filling you with life energy and the connection to nature. We recommend this trip to all our guests because of the blend of beautiful landscapes, natural scents and remedies.

This trip is guided by our most experienced team members. They will introduce and present you with all interesting and useful informations and secrets, which will bring you closer to the history and origin of this region and give you a better insight into the lifestyle and the specificity by of the whole Velebit destination.

Cathedral Cave

The road to the cave leads through a forest full of interesting shapes in stone and beech tree trunks covered with moss. This fairy forest, that locals call Enchanted Forest is, as the story goes, inhabited by fairies and is full of natural remedies that you will get to know on this unique trip.

This unusual cave is unique in its shape and appearance. The cave always had a special significance for the locals and represented the ideal place of refuge and spiritual renewal for them. According to the legend, the water from the cave has a healing effect and washing in it brings you health.  Except for this healing experience, the cave is specific due to its unusual and specific construction characterized by two parts that have an open view to the sky.

excursion to Cathedral Cave

This brief introduction to Cathedral Cave excursion is only the part of the whole cave experience. The cave itself has a special energy that is hard to describe in words, and it has to be experienced.
This trip is a perfect addition to our main mission of making your vacation pleasant, enjoyable and simply unforgettable. Join us on our trip to Cathedral Cave and discover the ending of its fascinating fairy tale 🙂